Behind every Linux distribution is a multitude of choices. What might be obvious to some, is not so obvious to other. This page will briefly explain why some choices were made.

  • Why build Yor Linux?
    • It's something I love to do. Some people love to paint, others ride horses, I love to create Linux distributions.
  • Why make Yor Linux by recompiling RHEL, why not some other way or distro.?
    • I have tried maintaining my own packages by myself, that just doesn't scale. So I had to base my distro off another, and customize it. I like rpm based distributions. I like the Red Hat culture and feel. The choice came down to Fedora or RHEL. I like a long term distribution versus one with a faster turnover. All those decisions lead to doing a RHEL recompiled distribution.
  • Why do 32 bit (i686)?
    • I have some 32 bit only machines that still have plenty of life in them.
  • Why do arm?
    • Cuz it's hard and I needed a challenge. Also because there is a wave of inexpensive, yet functional arm machines.
  • Why armv7?
    • Two reasons. 1) I tried doing some real life things on a armv6 chipset, and it couldn't do what I wanted. 2) Fedora 19 (and thus RHEL7) compiled correctly on armv7
  • Why recompile everything instead of taking the packages from CentOS or Scientific Linux?
    • Because neither of them had arm or i686. So if I'm going to recompiled for those two arches, I might as well recompile the whole thing.