Yor Linux 7 arm installation

Although Yor Linux is not affiliated with Fedora in any way, our arm installation instructions are the same as the manual instructions for Fedora 23 arm.

Download Image


Write Image to media

xzcat YorLinux-7.1-2015-10-17-sda.raw.xz | dd of=[media] bs=4M
example: YorLinux-7.1-2015-10-17-sda.raw.xz | dd of=/dev/sdc bs=4M

Mount media, partition 3

mkdir /mnt/part3
mount 3 /mnt/part3

Write U-Boot to media

There are 4 or 5 ways to do this, depending on the type of arm board that you have. But all of them are basically writing a u-boot binary, and sometimes a config file, onto the little area between the first byte of the media, and the first partition. This is similar to writting to the MBR of an x86 machine.


For the PcDuino / Banana Pi / CubieBoard / CubieBoard2 / CubieTruck (Allwinner A20)

Note - It is important to use the use format shown below for your target.

TARGET= # Bananapi , CubieBoard , Cubieboard2 , Cubietruck
        # Linksprite_pcDuino , Linksprite_pcDuino3 , Linksprite_pcDuino3_Nano
MEDIA= #/dev/<location-of-your-media>
       # for example /dev/sdc, /dev/sdg, ...
       # read /var/log/messages to learn which device was assigned to your media
dd if=/mnt/part3/tmp/root/usr/share/uboot/$TARGET/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=$MEDIA bs=1024 seek=8 conv=fsync,notrunc

Media should now be ready to boot, insert into the device and boot.

For the BeagleBone ( Black & White )

MEDIA= #/dev/<location-of-your-media>
       # for example /dev/sdc, /dev/sdg, ...
       # read /var/log/messages to learn which device was assigned to your media
dd if=/mnt/part3/usr/share/uboot/am335x_boneblack/MLO of=$MEDIA count=1 seek=1 conv=notrunc bs=128k
dd if=/mnt/part3/usr/share/uboot/am335x_boneblack/u-boot.img of=$MEDIA count=2 seek=1 conv=notrunc bs=384k

Media should now be ready to boot on the BeagleBone. Insert into the device and boot. To boot the Yor Linux 7 version of U-Boot on MicroSD you will need to hold the “User Boot” button (located near the MicroSD slot) when the device is powered on.

Copying Yor Linux U-Boot to eMMC on the Beaglebone Black

To Copy the Fedora U-Boot to the eMMC on the Beaglebone Black execute the following steps:

# mount emmc boot partition 
mkdir /tmp/emmc; mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /tmp/emmc

# optionally back up original U-Boot
mkdir /tmp/emmc/orig-uboot; cp /tmp/emmc/{MLO,u-boot.img} /tmp/emmc/orig-uboot/

# copy Fedora U-Boot
cp /usr/share/uboot/am335x_boneblack/{MLO,u-boot.img} /tmp/emmc/

Once completed you will no longer need to press the “User Boot” button to select the Yor Linux U-Boot.